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Ozone cleaning

We clean and disinfect all our rooms and facilities using the recommended products by the current active norm. Furthermore, we use an ozone generator that disinfects the building and terminates all the pathogenic agents. This way, we protect our guests and our team to create a relaxed and trustworthy ambiance.

Connected Services

For all our guests, we have a special service with which we can give you all the required for your stay through WhatsApp, for a cleaner and paperless service. We are connected but with security.

Hosts 24/7

The Hotel Sauce team will be your host during your stay in our apartments. We care about you from the moment you book until you leave, with a 24-hour service every day of the week.

Hotel Sauce Services



Recepción 24 horas Hotel Sauce

24-hour reception at Hotel Sauce

Desayunos en el Hotel Sauce

Breakfasts at Hotel Sauce

Cafetería en el Hotel Sacue

Cafeteria at Hotel Sauce

Take Away en el Hotel Sauce

Take Away at Hotel Sauce

Sala de reuniones en el HOTEL SAUCE

Meeting Room at Hotel Sauce

Taquillas y guardaequipajes en el Hotel Sauce

Lockers and luggage storage at Hotel Sauce

Mini Market en el Hotel Sauce

Mini Market at Hotel Sauce

Sala de celebraciones en el Hotel Sauce

Celebration room at Hotel Sauce

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Sabinas El Pilar Apartments

Calle Francisco Bayeu 4, 50003 Zaragoza

Sabinas Don Jaime Apartments

Calle Don Jaime I 48, 50003 Zaragoza

Hotel Sauce

Calle Espoz y Mina 33, 50003 Zaragoza

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